Driving Under the Influence

Driving Under the Influence, or "DUI", is annually one of the most charged criminal offenses in Pennsylvania. The impaired operation of a motor vehicle is undoubtedly a public safety issue.  Public pressure on lawmakers has led to changes in DUI law, the most recent having taken effect in 2004, which lowered the per se threshold for an adult's blood alcohol concentration ("BAC") from 0.10% to 0.08%.


An arrest for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) puts you at substantial risk to incur significant fines upwards of $10,000 in addition to court costs, a suspension of your driving privilege upwards of 18 months and even incarceration. Pennsylvania's current DUI laws make it possible that, if convicted, even a first time DUI-offender could be sentenced to a period of incarceration at a county jail.  A multiple-time DUI-offender, if convicted, may face mandatory county or even state imprisonment.  Of course, a DUI arrest does not always lead to a DUI conviction.  If arrested for DUI, even if the case seems to be "open and shut", even if the evidence against you seems "concrete", there is no doubt you will greatly benefit from a skilled, defense-minded evaluation of your case.  No DUI case is "open and shut".  Evidence that seems "concrete" may have cracks or may itself be resting on shaky Constitutional grounds.  


There exist many possible defenses to DUI in Pennsylvania.  There exist many possible reasons why some or all of the evidence against you may be ruled inadmissible or "thrown out" of Court.  When all else fails, there exist ways to mitigate, to lessen or control, the damage that a DUI will do to your life.  I can work to lessen potential fines and costs, reduce a potential drivers license suspension and lessen or avoid altogether even a mandatory jail sentence.  A free evaluation of your DUI case for possible defenses and/or mitigation strategies is a service I offer to all those charged with DUI in Pennsylvania.





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